Thursday, July 23, 2015


I was looking at this very neglected blog today and decided it's time for a change...I deleted literally every post except for the wedding dress post, and decided to start anew. So, if you're just visiting for the first's really not a one post blog, I promise!

A lot has changed in my life as of late...getting married and such, so I would venture to say that I will have lots of non-food things to post soon :)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I said YES! to the dress!!

This past Saturday was a quite a day for me. I woke up early, made two venison sausage and baby greens quiches, and started preparing for company to arrive. My mom and step-dad, along with my friend (and one of my bridesmaids) would be arriving at my house around 10 a.m.

My step-dad and J were going to work on some house repairs while my mom, Amber and I drove to David's Bridal to meet Tracy and Jillian (my Matrons of Honor) so I could find my wedding dress. It was chaotic in the store and my consultant was a little...well, she was nice to me, but a little snotty/snarky to my girls. Which I didn't like.

There were two dresses that I went to the store intending/hoping to try on. Neither one of those dresses was actually IN the store. Go figure, right? So, we went over my likes and dislikes, what I was looking for in a dress, etc. and she started pulling some off the racks.

Things moved pretty quickly and Tracy hadn't yet arrived by the time I went into the dressing room, but she got there just after I came out in the first dress. She walked up and got teary-eyed and said, "It's so real now!" I waved my hand at her and told her no crying allowed, because if she (or anyone else) started crying, then I'd cry, and we'd never get through the day!

So about the first was amazing. Other than having a longer train that I wanted (I wanted pretty much no train at all), I couldn't complain about anything. The perfect neckline, nice detailing, and it made me look SO skinny! Like, size 2 skinny. Which I am nowhere it made me feel that small!

After that I tried on about 4 more dresses (5 total). I liked dresses 2 and 4, notsomuch dress 3, and hated dress 5. So, in the end I circled back to the very first dress and that is the dress that I will walk down the aisle in. I can't wait to see his face when I walk out onto the aisle.

I'm not much of a girly girl, and I don't really "do" frilly or princessy or whatnot, but this dress really made me feel like a pretty, pretty princess and I didn't want to take it off. That, my friends, is how you know you've found the one. The dress.

Of course he wants to see it, or a picture, but I told him no way. I want the first time he sees it to be on our wedding day. Not so much because it's "bad luck" or tradition, but because I want to see the look on his face when he sees me all done, make-up, and that dress. He's going to be blown away. Maybe even get teary-eyed himself :)

I'd post a pic, but ya know...the off chance that he could see it here, means you have to wait as well!!